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Socialism and Feminism in (and out of) the Workplace

When: Sunday, May 21, 12:00 pm
Where: New Freeway Hall 5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle
Cost: FREE

The workplace is a key site where gender is enforced, performed, and created–for example through the decision about what is considered men’s work and what women’s work. It’s also a site that has sparked theoretical battles over the question of which category is more determining in the last instance–class or gender. If, as Kathi Weeks points out, any conception of class as a gender and race-blind category interferes with “the ability to register the contours of even narrowly economic hierarchies,” what model accurately describes the way class and gender interact and intertwine? What’s the best way to struggle against the gender-differentiated wage without mythologizing the work ethic? How can the struggle be expanded beyond the workplace to factor in what Italian feminists in the Wages for Housework movement identified as the unwaged feminine labor that capitalism depends on for its reproduction?

Radical Women and Red May are happy to co-sponsor a discussion of both the durable bonds between Socialism and Feminism and the historic points of conflict between them.

Panel: Kathi Weeks, Charu Charusheela, Jaleh Mansoor, Megan Cornish (Radical Women & Freedom Socialist Party)

A reception will be held after the panel is over.


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