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NOW Annual Meeting & Celebration

When: Tuesday, December 15, 7:00pm – 9:00pm
Where: 3720 Airport Way S
Cost: FREE

Seattle NOW will be showing a selection of short films during their annual meeting on December 15th. Films will include: One Fine Day, Kay Weaver’s classic celebration of the American Woman from the 1800’s to the present, and Votes for Women, about American women’s fight for suffrage and the role of contemporary women in politics.

Seattle NOW is accepting nominations for its 2016 Board of Directors. Board Nominations and Elections will take place during the Annual Meeting on December 15th. NOW asks each of you to seriously consider running for a Board position – officer or at-large board member. Or consider nominating another NOW member who would be an asset to the NOW Board. In order for the Board to be representative of their diverse and strong feminist ideals, they encourage members of color, lesbian and gay, young and old, differently-abled, large and small and other unrepresented feminists to join the Seattle NOW Board in its work to achieve equality for all. If you, or someone you know, has a special interest/talent to share (graphic art, accounting, fundraising, desktop publishing, website design and/or maintenance, political advocacy), and/or more importantly is an enthusiastic feminist, please make a nomination to the Seattle NOW Board. Positions can be shared. Positions to be elected:President (or Co-Presidents), Treasurer (or Co-Treasurers), Secretary (or Co-Secretaries), At-Large Board Members (up to 12 at large members). The benefits of being a NOW Board member far outweigh the work. As a Board member, you will feel the relief of re-directing your anger and frustration about sexism and injustice toward making our community a more just place for women and find pleasure in working with like-minded feminists.


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She's With Me is the brain child of three feminists who got tired of emailing each other every time they caught wind of a womanist event, so they created a separate space to house their feminist calendar. The benefits would be twofold: fewer emails cluttering up their inboxes, and more people learning about Seattle's growing feminist community. She's With Me aims to be a feminist hub, where all the goings on of different organizations are collected in one place. Our plans for the site include reviews/write-ups of events, interviews with local feminist activists, news updates, and essays, poetry, and art by feminists. The Fourth Wave of Feminism is here, and She's With Me will be the feminist scrap book documenting our herstory as it unfolds.


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