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International Womyn’s Day Protest

When: Saturday, March 7th at 3PM
Where: Seattle Central Community College Plaza, 1701 Broadway

It’s International Women’s Day, a time to FIGHT for the liberation of women here and all over the world! Join Stop Patriarchy in the streets to stand up in support of Abortion on Demand & Without Apology, against the epidemic of rape and violence against women, against the mainstreaming of violent and degrading porn, and in support of women’s struggles worldwide! Bring your stories, bring your rage, bring your hope, bring your joy in resistance. Everyone is also invited to an International Women’s Day Celebration afterwards at Revolution Books at 3pm.


About sheswithmeseattle

She's With Me is the brain child of three feminists who got tired of emailing each other every time they caught wind of a womanist event, so they created a separate space to house their feminist calendar. The benefits would be twofold: fewer emails cluttering up their inboxes, and more people learning about Seattle's growing feminist community. She's With Me aims to be a feminist hub, where all the goings on of different organizations are collected in one place. Our plans for the site include reviews/write-ups of events, interviews with local feminist activists, news updates, and essays, poetry, and art by feminists. The Fourth Wave of Feminism is here, and She's With Me will be the feminist scrap book documenting our herstory as it unfolds.
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