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Sex Trafficking: Changing a Culture of Demand

When: Monday, January 26th at 7PM
Where: Great Hall, 1119 Eighth Avenue
Cost: $10

A note from She’s With Me editors: We were hesitant to post this event and still have mixed feelings about it. First of all, we are puzzled by the glaring absence of women from the list of featured speakers. Why does a panel about sex trafficking appear to consist exclusively of white men, when women, especially women of color are the vast majority of victims? Second, Dan Satterberg is no champion of justice, and while he has spoken in favor of prosecuting pimps and johns instead of prostituted women, we are deeply skeptical about his commitment to the fair treatment of women and people of color . However, we decided to publish the event because it does impact women, and rather than sitting it out because we’re pissed that women aren’t included on the panel, we plan to attend and point out this oversight (we are also giving them the benefit of the doubt: maybe women will be speaking, but weren’t listed in the event description?) We also posted a comment on the event page and encourage concerned readers to do the same. 

Event description: In the past two years, King County has taken a number of steps to address sex trafficking locally. From changing the status quo of the criminalization of victims, to focusing on providing life-saving services, local responses have become a national standard. This panel will give concrete examples of how Seattle is leading the charge in innovative approaches, but also explore how far there is to go in addressing the underlying culture of demand that perpetuates sex trafficking. Featured speakers include Dan Satterberg, King County Prosecuting Attorney; Pete Holmes, Seattle City Attorney; and Dan Arkless, Founder and Chairman at ArkLight Consulting.

Presented by StolenYouth.


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