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Healing Sexual Trauma Weekend Intensive

When: September 26-28, 2014
Where: details provided upon registration (scroll toward bottom of page)
Cost: details provided upon submitting reservation request
Event website:

Renowned sexual empowerment coach Amy Jo Goddard and Shadow Work facilitator Karin Green are coming together to offer a unique, powerful healing weekend for women, from a feminist and queer-friendly perspective. This weekend will be an intensive experience for women who want to do deep work on understanding, releasing and healing the pain of sexual trauma. Led by two master facilitators, this weekend will incorporate group coaching, movement, experiential learning and powerful shadow processes to heal and release shame, pain and all that holds you back from fully stepping into your sexual power.

This weekend is for you if you would benefit from the opportunity to:

-Understand, heal and release trauma from past sexual violations
-Excavate the hidden wounds that have kept you small
-Release the disabling stories you’ve carried about your sexual being and worth
-Develop and express healthy sexual boundaries
-Move beyond the role of the victim so you can have an empowered sexual life
-Be compassionately witnessed by a group of women who are doing this work alongside you
-Be guided and held by master facilitators in a powerful container so you can do transformational work on your sexual self

What kind of trauma is this weekend for?

Women who have experienced any kind of sexual trauma or violation will benefit from this weekend. This could include any kind of sexual assault, child sexual abuse, rape, harassment, sexualization, trafficing, forced prostitution or other boundary violations of the body, psyche and spirit. This work will support women who have had traumatic experiences with childbirth, health care providers, or other authority figures who have disrespected and violated your body or sexuality. It will also support people who may have had difficult experiences with sexuality due to poor adult boundaries or premature exposure to adult sexuality or pornography.

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