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How to Open Your Own Door / Blank, Blank, and Blank

When: Wednesday, March 5th, from 5pm-9pm
Where: The Hedreen Gallery, 901 12th Avenue

The Hedreen Gallery has invited some special guests to continue conversations begun at Seattle Women’s Conference last month. This will be a two-part night with discussion about language, gender, art and politics and more. The environment is casual, the conversation is inclusive. Feel free to drop in to one or both.

5 pm – 7 pm: “How to Open Your Own Door” with Kate Lebo & Elizabeth Austen

We’ll add to the conversation VIDA: Women in Literary Arts started with the Count, a project that quantifies the gap between men and women in publishing. Thanks to the Count we have statistics that prove what we suspected: across the board, men are published more than women. Numbers can name the problem, but they can’t say why it’s happening or what to do about it. Anecdotally, we hear that women submit work for publication less then men do–even when solicited by editors. Are certain doors closed to women, or do we just imagine they are? How does internalized sexism contribute to self-censorship, and how does that self-censorship affect our art, our ambition, and our working relationships? What do we do about it? Poet & food writer Kate Lebo will lead a discussion with Washington State Poet Laureate Elizabeth Austen, whose book EVERY DRESS A DECISION (Blue Begonia Press, 2011) harnesses a complex emotional courage to explore the territory beyond proscribed and imagined (and sexist) boundaries. You don’t need to be a writer to participate–we need multi-disciplinary contributions to this discussion.

7 pm – 9 pm: “Blank, Blank, and Blank: Exploring the Language of Feminism”

Seattle artists Star Rush, Natasha Marin, and Sharon Arnold will attempt to address the power of and problems with contemporary language used around the idea of feminism, culture, race and gender. The evening will include several short exercises on language as well as open discourse.


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She's With Me is the brain child of three feminists who got tired of emailing each other every time they caught wind of a womanist event, so they created a separate space to house their feminist calendar. The benefits would be twofold: fewer emails cluttering up their inboxes, and more people learning about Seattle's growing feminist community. She's With Me aims to be a feminist hub, where all the goings on of different organizations are collected in one place. Our plans for the site include reviews/write-ups of events, interviews with local feminist activists, news updates, and essays, poetry, and art by feminists. The Fourth Wave of Feminism is here, and She's With Me will be the feminist scrap book documenting our herstory as it unfolds.


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