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Seattle’s Women Convention

When: Thursday, January 23rd at 6PM
Where: Hedreen Gallery, 901 12th Avenue (12th and Marion)
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Seattle’s Women Convention is a discussion about art in Seattle led by Susanna Bluhm, Jen Graves, and Susie Lee. Susie will also preview her new social project, Siren. The convention aims to build off of the conversation about women’s role in art initiated by SAM’s Elles exhibit last year. Is the conversation still happening? Do things seem more integrated? How can men foster a more supportive environment?

Per the host, Joey Veltkamp, “Men are highly encouraged to attend, but our role will be non-verbal. We are there to support, listen, and learn.”

Host: JOEY VELTKAMP is a Seattle-based visual artist. His work deals with multiples of every day objects such as blankets, cans of beer, and other sources of comfort. His recent work continues to work on the idea of transfiguring sadness into joy. Now instead of drawing blankets, he’s creating his own out of fabric. With aphorisms like, “A day without lesbians is like a day without sunshine!!”, the quilts are meant to replace worry with comfort.


SUSIE J. LEE is an award-winning Korean-American artist whose works have been exhibited nationally and internationally in major institutions, art galleries, and museums. She lives and works in Seattle.

SUSANNA BLUHM grew up in a suburb of Los Angeles and currently lives in Seattle with her wife and son. She is a member of SOIL artist-run gallery in Seattle, and is affiliated with Prole Drift gallery in Seattle. Her work has been shown internationally.

JEN GRAVES—The Stranger’s visual arts writer—writes about things you mostly, but not strictly, approach with your eyeballs. Her writing has been in Art in America, The Believer, and ArtNews, and the Warhol Foundation has given her some money to get lost in land art. Jen has lived and written about art in the Pacific Northwest for 14 years.


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